Non Existent Customer Service

I keep trying to reach someone for support but have yet to hear from anyone.

I called Electrolux corporate and they say that this product is not theirs so unfortunately they can not do anything to help me. So who exactly do I need to contact? How hard is it to send an email? Or even a generalized email saying they have received my email and will get back to me?

This is all very frustrating and ridiculous. No one seems to be taking responsibility, at first I was a customer that needed help. Now I just need a refund, god forbid anyone on this forum runs into actual issues with their robot because you will not be able to get a hold of anyone.


  • Hi @Electrobutler

    Can you please be so kind to send that email again with [email protected] in cc? That will also help me match that email with your profile here, "Electrobutler" so that we can support you quickly.

    We actually have no backlog at all on emails and I can't see that email being unanswered.

    Thanks for your help and patience and we'll make sure to support you on this asap.


  • What do I do for warranty work? My roller brush isn’t rotating and there are no service locations in the USA?

  • Contact service in the US they will make sure that you can ship your robot to them for repair or replacement. Contact by mail works great or leave them a message in their voice mail if that is more convenient.

  • Thanks will do. I love my little robot 🤖

  • I called Electrolux Vacuum support (1 (800) 896-9756) and gave them the model and serial number and they said that this is not one of their products. What is going on here?

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth ✭✭✭

    The number's in the app.

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    We have our own specialized robot customer service in the US hence the confusion. We are working on having one company approach here but for reasons, it takes longer than it should.
    Please use the number in the application

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