Non Existent Customer Service

I keep trying to reach someone for support but have yet to hear from anyone.

I called Electrolux corporate and they say that this product is not theirs so unfortunately they can not do anything to help me. So who exactly do I need to contact? How hard is it to send an email? Or even a generalized email saying they have received my email and will get back to me?

This is all very frustrating and ridiculous. No one seems to be taking responsibility, at first I was a customer that needed help. Now I just need a refund, god forbid anyone on this forum runs into actual issues with their robot because you will not be able to get a hold of anyone.


  • Hi @Electrobutler

    Can you please be so kind to send that email again with [email protected] in cc? That will also help me match that email with your profile here, "Electrobutler" so that we can support you quickly.

    We actually have no backlog at all on emails and I can't see that email being unanswered.

    Thanks for your help and patience and we'll make sure to support you on this asap.


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