Need Return Label

Since the customer service online is non existent in the U.S maybe someone who works for Electrolux or Anova browses these forums.

I simply need a return label, I have emailed the support email 4 times with no response. I tried to call the phone line and it’s actually an answering machine that wants you to record your message and problems.

This isn’t the 90’s and downright awful customer service for a brand that is trying to become a household name in the states. Never have I dealt with such abysmal customer service for such an expensive product. On the rare occasions I have had to contact Microsoft, Apple or Dyson they have always had excellent customer service.

In actuality I really wanted to keep my robot, I loved it as against my better judgement chose it over better reviewed robots. I thought I should give it a chance, what a mistake that was. I wanted for this robot to work more than the company itself did it seems.

So if anyone can direct message me with details on how to return your product, I will be on my way.


  • Hi Electrobutler,
    Thanks for bringing it up. We are on it and emails have started going around :blush:
    I hope you get a swift response

  • Hi @Electrobutler

    Please send an email to [email protected] if you haven’t done so already and we’ll sort this out ASAP.


  • @Patrik said:
    Hi @Electrobutler

    Please send an email to [email protected] if you haven’t done so already and we’ll sort this out ASAP.


    In total I have sent 4 emails. The 1st one was before purchase to inquire about further details. No reply. The next 2 emails to ask for help because I still wanted to keep my robot. No replies. And the 4th and last email I sent was to ask for a return label. Has not been replied to. I will send another though

  • Hi @Electrobutler

    Can you please be so kind to send that email again with [email protected] in cc? That will also help me match that email with your profile here, "Electroluxbutler" so that we can support you quickly.

    We actually have no backlog at all on emails and I can't see that email being unanswered.

    Thanks for your help and patience and we'll make sure to support you on this asap.


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