Add geo-fencing feature

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  • You can add geofencing through IFTTT. (

    Create an IFTTT account, and then you can set up so that your robot starts when you (and your phone :) ) is away from home .

  • Interesting! Do you have a working example/demo?

  • I´m not running it myself at the moment due to family schedule. See my post on robot button

    Easiest is to download the IFTTT app and set up the applet from there.

    • Download the app, create account
    • press the + sing in the right top corner to create new applets
    • press "+this"
    • search location and press on it
    • Choose enter or exit an area
    • Mark the area on the map
    • press "+that"
    • search for pure i9
    • chose which command that should be run
    • then press create action

    Then you are good to go.

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