after USB upgrade device don't start

I used USB connection to upgrade software. Device said that upgrade is correct, but device don't start.

My device is PI91-5SSM. I got software from this place:

Probably, I used not correct version of software. My fault. But software for upgrade should read this and don't give me such oportunity.

Mayby someone know how to fix this problem? How to find correct soft and put them into dead device.


  • P1rP1r admin

    Hello Tross.

    This behavior is not not normal, the robot checks that the software is compatible so it is not possible to load incorrect software, if you do the robot will say "incompatible software" and abort the upgrade.

    When you say it doesn't start, can you please explain more.
    What happens when you put the device in the charger?
    Have you tried to redo the upgrade?

  • Hi,
    This should be the correct software. The robot will verify that the software to be installed is a proper one, so it should not be possible for you to brick it by putting the wrong release on it.

    What are your symptoms? Is the the robot completely dead, i.e. no lights lit up at all? No response to buttons?

    If the buttons are still working, please try to restart the robot by holding the Play button for about 6 seconds (robot lights up, goes black, then shows "OFF"), and then after it goes black again putting it in the charger. Otherwise, restart it by removing one of the batteries for 5 seconds, putting it back in and placing the robot in the charger.

    If a single restart does not help, you can try this procedure 4 times, which will for some faults trigger a rollback to the previous version of the robot SW. It all depends on how far the robot gets in the boot procedure.

    Another test you can do is to connect the USB cable again - does the robot show up as a mass storage device? If the other problem persists, the file on the mass storage will contain important logs.

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