How do I get the time right when the vacuum is cleaning?

It is right on the display and it starts at the correct time when I schedule a cleaning. While it runs, its way off.

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    Thank you, this is very helpful. It looks like a time zone translation bug, we will look into it.

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    Awesome thread guys!
    This is one of the things the community is supposed to be an unfiltered communication between customers and developers.
    Unwanted behaviour found, well explained and now let's fix it asap


  • Hi, do you mean that the cleaning times shown in the app are wrong? If so, it sounds like your phone may be set to the wrong time zone.

  • Which time do you mean - the displayed starting time in the application?

  • Same here, the time on the robot display is correct because it gets the info from the WiFi. My phone is on the correct time as well but the app displays a time several hours behind (like 5 hours) I think behind? The time I’m speaking of is in the Latest cleaning log stamped on the app on top of the map. The time is way off. I don’t know why it would do that though. Hopefully someone gives us a fix.

  • Does the offset match your GMT time zone offset?

  • @raahlb said:
    Does the offset match your GMT time zone offset?

    Judging from the screenshots it’s -6 hours. Central would be -5 I suppose. But what usefulness is that time?

  • No, not much use, but it helps in identifying what is happening. Might be that the time sent is GMT, not local.

  • My time zone is correct and all times are correct. It is the time shown after she is done cleaning. It seems to be a bug maybe in the app? He display time matches my phone. I can try to take a snapshot next time.

  • The time isn’t useful really. She cleans just fine. If I set her to clean she starts at the correct time. Just as she is cleaning the time shown during is wrong.

  • Yes, please do upload a screenshot. By the way, are you running an Android or iPhone?

  • I posted three pictures. I’m in PA and I have an iPhone. He cleaning time is five hours off. Her display is correct on the vacuum.

  • The same here, I'm in CA and the time is off as well.

  • For info on this. A new release with this and a few other fixes is under testing now. The preliminary results look good so we should be able to have it released very soon.

    Thanks for the joint effort to make the Pure i9 better!! :smiley:

  • Glad to hear 😁👍

  • I was about to ask the same question. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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