My replacement Pure i9 is now also lazy like the original. But now it's a lazy pirate?

So, my last Pure i9 didn't want to clean more than maybe 5-10m^2 at most after a few months. I got a replacement unit, and after a few months the same thing is happening, except now there appears to be a missing plastic cover over where one of the lasers are. So, my Pure i9 is now a lazy one-eyed pirate.

I found the cover. It's extremely thick, and I have zero clue how it came out. Normally, the little robot comes out, does its job, goes back and docks, and at night when I get home I empty the bin, and use a camera lens brush to gently dust off the laser eyeball covers and the big camera cover.

One day, I came home, found a little trapezoidal piece of smoked plastic on the ground (with tabs on either side), and then later noticed one of the lasers was completely exposed. It still cleaned fine for a day or two, but now it just does a few feet of the hallway, gives up and goes home.

What should I do here? Why was my lazy robot replaced with a lazy one-eyed pirate robot?


  • Sorry to hear about your lazy pirate.
    The small plastic window is a purely esthetic part and have no impact on the behavior of the robot. If you want it back you unfortunately need to go back to service.
    Is the robot still behaving strange?

  • Yes, unfortunately the robot is still extremely lazy and refuses to clean more than a few square meters, much like the last one.

  • What SW version are you running and could you share some pictures of the area you are trying to clean?

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