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Hi .
Lots of homeautomationsystems use MQTT. I use openHAB (Home Assistant, housebot etc. use/support MQTT). Just basic functions at start as command and status. local net only, Pure I9 just need to connect to local brooker, Wish list: getting access to all data even the map.
(yes you have the IFTTT but that is too slow, too cumbersome to set up commands).
Use case easy to setup in houseautomation system: start cleaning when house locked/alarmed, pause cleaning when phone or doorbell rings, timeout alert when not return to charge, stop cleaning when house is set to sleep etc..

PS. I use IFTTT to openHAB today and it works ok for Pure I9 status but have a delay of >10 min on commands, need to set up 1 applet for each command (help me if i am doing wrong) DS.

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  • nekmannekman Member

    I agree. Just documentation on the existing API, explaining how to send commands to the robot, would be sufficient. I'm guessing that the robot already has some kind of TCP API.

    With such documentation, the community could take it from there and create integrations.

  • This is very much needed. My scenario would be "clean entrance area (defined on the map) 5 minutes after family enters the apartment" in addition to managing weekend off-schedule cleanings when nobody is at home.

  • SvenSven Member

    +1 for API; anything really to help connect to home automation systems such as HomeBridge or NodeRed. Connecting to IFTTT is a good first step but lacks integration with Apple Home.

  • GarethOatesGarethOates Member

    This would be really useful and save a lot of workaround effort. Just now I'm using IFTTT, Webhooks and Home Assistant automations to start/stop and see the status of my vacuum. It would be much nicer with a public well-documented API.

  • DrGreenbaumDrGreenbaum Member ✭✭

    This would be awesome. And homekit support.

  • mapejemapeje Member ✭✭

    Better integration to other platforms, like using mqtt, would be great and open up to the growing home automation community, who today need to look at far east products with questionable security and integrity.

  • davidwisenerdavidwisener Member

    I have just sent an email requesting API details, hopefully I get a response. My Home Assistant project is going really well and if I can get the vacuum going I will be very happy.

  • mspamspa Member

    @davidwisener said:
    I have just sent an email requesting API details, hopefully I get a response. My Home Assistant project is going really well and if I can get the vacuum going I will be very happy.

    did you get a response? A feature like that would be outstanding!

  • DrGreenbaumDrGreenbaum Member ✭✭

    I think it’s time to start this discussion again. Would be really nice with some integration to the rest of a smart home system. A rest API isn’t too much to ask😊

  • knokno Member

    I agree. I posted a similar question under this topic a few days ago:

    An open API and MQTT support is really needed I think.

  • nekmannekman Member

    It would be great if someone from Electrolux could, at the very least, just give us some indication on their plans. Something like "maybe, we're investigating" or "will not happen" is enough for me, just some indication.

    Given that IFTTT costs money now then creating a proper way of integrating the Pure i9 makes more sense then ever.

  • mapejemapeje Member ✭✭

    It seems like someone have managed to create an integration to Home Assistant, see https://github.com/anhaehne/homeassistant_electrolux_purei9. I have not been successfull, but perhaps there is a way?

  • vespamanvespaman Member

    @mapeje Thanks! That looks useful. If it only also had pause, it would be super, but maybe thats on the horizon. At least now there's hope for some integration.

    I hope Electrolux do add a MQTT client at some point in time though..

  • nekmannekman Member

    @mapeje that integration integrates the Pure i9 locally on your network. A local integration requires a local password which is not set for newer versions:

    Instead, I created a Home Assistant component that communicates with your Pure i9 using the cloud instead:

  • mapejemapeje Member ✭✭

    @nekman ,thanks! I will definitely check this out. Great work!

  • DrGreenbaumDrGreenbaum Member ✭✭

    Very nice @nekman 😊 World as expected!

  • mapejemapeje Member ✭✭

    Agree, works perfectly. Will replace my IFTTT integration with this until we get a fully local solution in place. Feels a bit silly to have to send command to the cloud just to start my vacuum in the same room...

    Again great work!

  • petpet Member
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