The brush roll bearing melts!

I have a problem with the brush roll on my Pure I9. The brush is winding up hair in the gap between the roll and the orange wheel.

This hair makes a pressure to the roll so the bearing at the other side of the roll to melts!

Someone else that have seen this problem?


  • RafaelRafael Member ✭✭✭

    It happens the same with me unfortunately

  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod

    Please contact a servcie center. They should be able to sort it out for you.

  • Ulf_AsonUlf_Ason Member

    NiclasK, I'm not sure they will answer my question "Someone else that have seen this problem". :)

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    The end of the brush roll is changed to prevent hair and fiber from entering the bearing. See picture.

    At the other end (drive side), it can still roll up hair (as it does along the entire brush roll), however, we have taken an action to prevent hair / fibers from geting in to the bearing and drive part.
    The brush roll was changed after the first batch was made.

    Maintaining the brush roller, ie removing hair and dirt prolongs the life of the brush roll. I have made it a habit to take it out about once every month, that seems to work nicely at my place. The robot clean every week day

  • dnaniandnanian Member

    I've had the same problem, unfortunately, and I have the new design with the protector. Even though I clean the brush bar after every use, and have only managed to use the robot < 10 times due to WiFi issues, enough hair got in, invisibly, to cause the endcap to melt off. I only knew there was a problem after I got a "my brush bar is stuck" error...and by then it was too late.

  • Ulf_AsonUlf_Ason Member

    MartinKwarnmark: I've removed and cleaned the brush weekly. The last time it melted it had been cleaning around 20 m2! I have sent the robot back to Electrolux Service. Now after 3 weeks I asked them by mail what they have done with my robot: They say they just replaced the brush and sent it back to me. It has not been cleaning many hours since i bought it in September! During that time it has destroyed 2 brushes!

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
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    Hi Ulf_Ason,
    That is not how it should work. Is the brush hard to place in the cavity? Do you think it might be too long? I find it hard to blame the hair coming in after such a short period.
    I checked with production and every brush is measured to be within spec. I would really like to understand why your brush is melting.

    Could you take some pictures and send to [email protected] ?
    When the brush is installed and the damage from the melting.
    Thank you!

  • Ulf_AsonUlf_Ason Member

    Martin, I will send some pictures to [email protected] .
    The robot has returned from "service". I removed the brush after 62 m2 (1h 26min). This picture shows how the driver wheel has started to roll up hair. If I had waited to long before i clean it, more hair had been rolled up and the pressure on the other side had been to strong.

  • ppcrulezppcrulez Member

    On my Pure i9.2 the brush bearing also appears to have kind of melted. I was going to take out the brush as I do regularly. But I can not get the brush out. I looks kind of like the plastic melted.

    It still works though. And thre roll works, and it rotates nicely. It is just that I can't get the brush roll out. It is really stuck.

    I've tried to pull but it is stuck.


    I just installed a brand new roller and within 2min it had melted and seized. Is this some sort of design flaw?

  • Samoht65Samoht65 Member
    edited May 27

    After 6 month I had the same problem, and had to buy a new brush - cost 5% of the robots price :-( - hope is does not need to be changed too often - And yes we have cleaned the brush for every 5-10 hours use.

    I really hope Electrolux take this serious. We talk about the a top model (purei9.2) and users are forced to buy expensive sparepart because of a design issue.

    Elektrolux should supply component replacement without cost until the problem is fixed.

    Any news from electrolux on this issue ?

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