New app design

A new version of the application has been released earlier this week.
The application has been redesigned to focus on the job done and fast easy control from the home screen.
Now there are two dynamic buttons in the app that change as the situation that the robot is in changes.
All cleaning history that the robot has will be available in the application.
Notice the clickable icons on the home screen that takes you directly to scheduling and monthly
cleaning history.

What do you think of the new design?


  • The new design is nice. It cleans up the interface for normal usage.

  • maurismauris
    edited November 28

    Few things to fix:

    • Lifetime counter resets after 24h.
    • Doesn't show number of charging breaks anymore for ongoing cleaning.
  • ArtoArto
    edited November 29

    Horrible new design unfortunately. This is the reason why I even went in to the community, registered a user and took the time to comment.

    Seeing the map over last cleaning area the first thing you do when opening the app is not that interesting and makes the opening of the app look quite ugly.

    Much better overview before when showing a nice picture of the robot and when pressing the robot there were only a few options highlighted in an user friendly way. Now you need to find your way digging deep in the menus to set and search for things (even considering clickable icons on the home screen). I have recommended this robot to all my friends, family and collegues, but now I cannot defend the look of the app. Please change back the design.

  • Hi,

    Always good to see the app getting changed and hopefully improved for a better consumer experience. Here are my comments:


    • I like the two big buttons at the bottom, they are visible and most importantly useful in many cases
    • Good to see all cleaning history available. For the ones that like data this is great!

    To be improved:

    • As said above, seeing the map for the last cleaning area is not something I am interested to see in the main view . I also like more the "nice robot picture" we had before
    • The said "clickable icons" for scheduling and monthly cleaning history are not so well designed, I just understood they were clickable after reading this thread. I thought they were a static picture
    • One of the "metrics" to be added could be how much dust the robot has collected? If it can detect when the dustbin is fun, perhaps it can also estimate how much dust. This might be a cool info to have
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