Small rubber wheels front/back spare parts

Because I have tiles in my house, when the robot is cleaning is making a hard noise while is passing from one tile to another.
Would be nice to have some spare small wheels witch are not from such a hard plastic.

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  • AndersJAndersJ Member

    Same floor type here.
    Rubber wheels for less noise would be nice.

  • DarrenDarren Member

    Same here. Just bought the Purei9 rebot and noticed the back small plastic rumbles loudly on my solid tile surface which has grove patterns. And even louder if certain old tile area hollow. As I live in apartment, I feared that it may disturb the neighbors below. Hope Electrolux can offer improvement to the wheels.

  • HowtoonHowtoon Member

    I have noticed this as well.

  • CraigusCraigus Member

    Yes. These small wheels should be part of the accessories list or part of the kits supplied. They really get worn on tiles. Maybe they are on an accessory list, but I could not find them as spare parts. If they are a spare part could you direct me to where I can get new ones.

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