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I think it would be good to make configurable carpet cleaning. If I understand correctly the robot specification has already had the skill to distinguish the carpet with other type of floor. From the app it would be great to have a checkbox which help to prevent cleaning of the carpet.

My main intention behind the request is that most of the time my robot's brush stuck in the carpet completely (I believe it is because of the density of the carpet). Now with the new update 35.16 a new symptom was also appeared. Robot stops cleaning as it says its right 'leg' stuck....

Thanks in advance any kind of help. :smile:

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  • havre123havre123 Member

    It destroys both my carpet as well as the brush. No good :|

  • sandreisandrei Member

    Same problems here, lucky me I have only 2 small carpets so I remove them, but I would appreciate the option to just skip them from cleaning since the robot can recognize the type of surface is cleaning.

  • chrischris Member

    I have the same problem. Furthermore, sometimes robot can’t calculate proper distance and hits objets while enters carpet. Skip carpet option would be great.

  • mablmabl Member

    Same problem here , If the vac can identify a carpet it should also have a feature to avoid it.

  • KirkKirk Member

    I would suggest an alternative “carpet only” option. As in most cases my robot doesn’t do the carpet in full for some reason. So it would be good to have an option of putting her on a carpet in the middle of a tiled room and let her quickly do only carpet.

  • HowtoonHowtoon Member

    Yes, this would be a very nice feature!!! Please include it. I’m a software engineer myself, you want me to do it for you? 😂

  • eebeeeebee Member

    Yes this feature would be great

  • It will defnitely destroy both carpet and the brush, for better carpets and area rug cleaning, you must seek help from experts. They will guide you the way to clean it perfectly.

  • deadheaddeadhead Member

    At least the robot/app should have an option to skip thicker carpets as it can already separate too thick carpets, manageable carpets and low carpets. Please add this option to the app!

  • nodustnodust Member

    I agree that it should be possible to opt out the very thick carpets - it's not good for the carpet and neither for the battery life time.

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    We're working on a feature that will let you tell the robot to not clean a troublesome carpet. Due soonish, if everything goes well.

  • LunarLunar Member

    I think the robot should have a carpet selection:
    1. Normal => clean carpets
    2. Don't clean thick carpets => avoid thick carpets
    3. Ignore carpets => just continue to clean the floor normally

    The reason to "ignore" carpets is that the robot is spending too much time at the carpet edges, and that in turn is tearing on the carpets!

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    @Lunar, yes, I agree, that would be a useful feature. We're working on some "zoning" features. Should fill a similar role.

  • LunarLunar Member

    @raahlb , Ok, but I also suggest a feature to ignorge carpets all together (#3). With this feature it vaccums the hole floor in the same manner, including carpets. And don't stop at carpet edges just continues normal cleaning. Very usefull for thin non rugged carpets.

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    Oh, OK, misunderstood you. We actually have that already, for thin carpets. Don't remember the limit, but it's something like 0.5 - 1 cm. But sure, I guess it could be useful to have the user set the limit themselves.

  • LunarLunar Member

    @raahlib, Ok, I have carpets with a hight of 0.5-1cm. And the robot still idetifies them and try to clean them... and spends a lot of extra battery time to clean them... so the carpet cleaning feature shouldn't be activated below 1cm. Or user should be able to set the limit hight.

  • aaliyahaaliyah Member

    You needn't to waste time there on robots, hire carpet cleaners near to your place and ask them to clean the carpets. They'll perform a better job than accessing robots.

  • SadieCoraSadieCora Member

    Thanks alliyah, i hope getting area rug cleaning service is enough to remove the spots from the rugs.

  • Will this be included in the next update? Definitely would need the possibility of carpet skipping.

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    @AshleyHann said:
    Never skip carpet cleaning and I would suggest you that you should call a cleaning service like i have from cleaning experts and have got them from this link .

    Hmmmm, create account and then create post with a link to a company....seems kinda spam-y.

  • glitzglitz Member

    It would be nice to be able to use the map to set a “don’t clean carpets in this zone”. After using the currently available functionality to set several zones around the carpets it is obvious that that it is not enough to just set a “no-go” zone. My carpets move around a little bit when we walk on them, so the carpet moves out of the zone and the robot goes up on the carpet and gets stuck. Hence the robot has to use the camera together with the map to understand where the carpet edges are even if the carpet has moved within the zone.

  • mrmegadethmrmegadeth Member ✭✭✭

    Avoid Zones should be in the next big release.

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