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I think it would be good to make configurable carpet cleaning. If I understand correctly the robot specification has already had the skill to distinguish the carpet with other type of floor. From the app it would be great to have a checkbox which help to prevent cleaning of the carpet.

My main intention behind the request is that most of the time my robot's brush stuck in the carpet completely (I believe it is because of the density of the carpet). Now with the new update 35.16 a new symptom was also appeared. Robot stops cleaning as it says its right 'leg' stuck....

Thanks in advance any kind of help. :smile:

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  • It destroys both my carpet as well as the brush. No good :|

  • Same problems here, lucky me I have only 2 small carpets so I remove them, but I would appreciate the option to just skip them from cleaning since the robot can recognize the type of surface is cleaning.

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