Robot security and camera info


It seems like there’s a really great group of devs behind this robot, and I’ve enjoyed reading the discussions so far.
One thing I’d love to know more about, is what the camera sees and what info is sent back over the internet.

As you can imagine, putting an internet connected roving camera in your house is a pretty big target for hackers (see the LG debacle) - what kinds of protections are in place?

Also - any other geeky info you can share would be awesome - it’s a pretty amazing little piece of tech & id love to know more about it!



  • Hi Gurucc.

    Great to hear that you enjoy the product! When it comes to security this is something that we have put high on our agenda during the development of the robot. All communications from and to the robot are encrypted. And except for our developers always being aware of the security aspect we have also used external experts to do review and testing of our robots to ensure that it is secure.

    When it comes to the camera you can watch this video to get a better understanding of what the robot actually sees with it. The camera is actually only seeing infrared and only looks for the laser lines, no raw "pictures" or similar is sent to the cloud since we are very concerned about our customers privacy.

    Hope that answers some of you questions and we are happy to answer more :)

    Best Regards

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