Home Assistant integration

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It would be very nice to see an integration to Home Assistant. https://www.home-assistant.io/components/#vacuum

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  • mapejemapeje
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    I have create a feature request, let´s hope someone want to develop such integration.


  • Would be really awesome :) +1

  • That is a good idea, add it as a feature request so that people can vote for it!

  • +1 in this.. but prefferable ex MQTT so many diffrent home automationsystems can benefit. Any open local API would be fantastic!

  • Please note that we do have an IFTTT interface for the robot, so you can use Google Home or Alexa to control it.

  • Thanks, and IFTTT is a good technology, but with say MQTT, it opens up to more systems and local control.

  • +1

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