PUREi9 is suddenly having navigation issues

On the first day my PUREi9 was working fine, properly cleaning the corners and was able to find home after the cleaning was done.

However, it has been doing worse, it kept spinning around, not being able to find the home base. Sometimes when I get it to run it would literally just do a quick spin of less than a minute, stops cleaning and tries to find home, which it always fails. The area is not in anyway obstructed with objects.

I believe the problem really started after installing the app and a few software upgrades.

So I’m wondering if there is a way to reset everything back to factory settings? As it is, it no longer doses a decent job and it could spend 20 minutes or more going in circles to try to find the home base.


  • Same here, it is now on charge until the next update, it's acting really weird. I have cleaned everything and restarted it many times but it hasn't helped.

  • And the same here. I watched him (it is a he) go round and round the same circuit 6 times till I stopped him. He was lost. I have watched him on multiple occasions taking multiple attempts to dock and failing. He got lost in the kitchen today..... He never used to, then we did an "upgrade", sorry "downgrade" to his OS and since then we've had issues. He consistently fails to dock correctly by hitting the right hand side of the base. He never used to. Altzheimers?

  • Mine sometimes would just refuse to move forward despite nothing being in its way and then it will stop cleaning, assuming that it’s back at its home position. Alll this in just less than a minute after it started cleaning.

    Would be great if someone from Electrolux could give us at least some directions on how to deal with this.

    I’ve had this robot for less than three months and it’s already having so much issues. If there is no way to reset it to factory setting, it would be nice to at least have an upgrade that will actually fix this problem!

  • I picked up my PUREi9 today and it was going great until it went on the rug then it became completely confused . It kept going around in circles and not using any kind of system to clean the rug . When it returned to dock it looked very confused again until it eventually docked . It looked lost on a 2m x 3m rug for nearly 20 min .

  • Having the same issue. Like its seeing a wall that isn't there. I've cleaned all the lenses ect. Still no good. Could it possibly be the reflection off the floor confusing it?

  • @Colin, has it always misbehaved, or has it recently worsened?

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