Winter time (bugfix) is coming!

Did you robot start too early this Sunday morning? There is a bug in the current software version (35.15) that means the robot will not update between summer and winter time until it wakes up the next time. So the first scheduled cleaning after the time shift will start at the wrong hour.

We have a fix ready for this, and this weekend the software team all tested it at home to verify that it works properly. So it will be included in the next major release, well in time for the shift back to summer time!


  • KirkKirk Member

    Just a tip. In Western Australia we do not have winter/summer time change. So it would be great to keep the initial setup as an option too.

  • magnus_lindhemagnus_lindhe Member ✭✭

    Thanks, but that's already accounted for. The robot checks via the Internet what the local time is, and updates its clock based on that. So only countries/time zones that switch between summer and winter time will be affected.

  • ZisslHarZisslHar Member

    Hi, I think we do not have a big problem here. It´s winter time and I suppose with the next major software versions the bug will be solved.

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