Bin no longer filling

I've had my vac for about 3 months and until now have been very pleased with it. However, during the last couple of weeks the bin is only reaching about a quarter full. Whereas normally I have to empty the bin a couple of times within, say, a half-hour period, it's almost like the dust cannot get to the bin. It's certainly not the filters etc - I empty and clean those regularly - every couple of times it's used. It's almost like dust is getting trapped underneath the vac (where the brush/rollers etc are). I remove all dust etc from there, to no avail. To look at the vac you would think there is no problem. It looks like it is running around the floor as usual. But it's not picking up the stuff that it once did, and my floor is all the worse for it. Does it need to in for a service?


  • Hi,
    Please also check the following (though you might already have done so)
    - Check the airchannel between the nozzle and the dustbin, to clean this in a good way you will need to remove both brushes and use some object to poke into the channel with. Myself I use a damp cloth to get rid of any residues sticking in there and then let it to dry.
    - Check so that you haven't accidentally turned on ECO mode (if you where'nt running with it before)
    - Use water to clean the filter of the machine (preferrably from the backside). Thereafter let it to dry out

  • Thanks. I took it into the shop. The brushes underneath were not spinning. It has been fixed now and is happily working again.

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