Stop cleaning with voice command

Occasionally I work from home, but not frequently enough to let that influence my robot cleaning schedule. That means that sometimes my robot starts cleaning on schedule, but I need a quick way of cancelling the cleaning session.

I setup the IFTTT connection to the robot to have a stop command by voice over Google Assistant. It was super easy.

  • Download the IFTTT app and create an account
  • Create a new "Applet" and choose Google Assistant for "If This" (login with Google account when asked)
  • Use "Say a simple phrase", enter "Stop cleaning" as phrase and enter a response if you want (I used "Robot aborting cleaning mission") and press "Create Trigger"
  • Choose Pure i9 for "Than That" (login with Pure i9 account when asked) and press "Send command" as action
  • Choose the robot you want to control, and select the command "Cancel and finish cleaning" and press "Create Action"

That's it. Now, when the robot starts at an inconvenient moment, I just say "OK Google, Stop cleaning". The robot stops immediately and returns back to the charger station.

Obviously I have created a "OK Google, Start cleaning" to start a cleaning session when I am about to leave home as well.


  • Nice!
    I did the same with Alexa and then duplicated it for the robot upstairs. Now I have an easy way of starting or stopping both robots in the household with one voice command.
    For Alexa you have to say "Alexa trigger" and then the chosen phrase.
    Works brilliantly!

  • CH2018CH2018
    edited November 2018

    First of all: Thanks for an excellent product!
    I am an owner since the last 24 hrs and it is a thrill to have it!

    Google Assistent (that now accept Swedish): It´s strange that I can use the preset "Ask Google Assistant to send a command to my robot" writing a swedish phrase for a command (to start cleaning) which work but when I have to make a new applet from scratch to have a second command made for cancelling cleaning using a Swedish phrase Google Assistent/Home doesn't not understand. Strange.

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