Battery charge level.

Sometimes we would like to do a quick spot clean following normal scheduled clean, but we have no way to gauge if there will be enough power to do this. We tried recently, and not long after we left the i9 to do its work, I got the alert telling me of a charge needed.
Is there a possibility of a charge level percentage on the application, or the i9?
Another good idea would be a useful life of the battery, similar to the iPhone X?
I realise it may be detrimental to some, but my iPhone X lost a few percent in the first week, but it actually lasts longer now on one charge. The plus here is that one is aware they may like to obtain replacements.
A percentage of actual charge calculated would be a good idea, especially if it was shown against the two running modes. For example.. 25%, 15mins in ‘Normal mode”, and 22mins in “Eco mode”.
Also!(there’s more), a permanent NVRAM history of use, mode, charge & errors retained internally, or perhaps sent to ELX referenced to the i9’s serial number.
The second suggestion requires relatively little coding, and could help people maintain their i9’s productivity. It may also help with theft too. The price makes them a target for those that take.
A bit like the iPhone security. If I bought the i9 from someone, I’d know it’s history, and it’s status.

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